All The Hidden Messages In Ariana Grande S No Tears

ALL The Hidden Messages in Ariana Grande's "No Tears" Music Video

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Name:ALL The Hidden Messages in Ariana Grande's "No Tears" Music Video
Date:20 April 2018
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Type:Youtube to Mp3
User:Clevver News

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Ariana dropped her first single off her upcoming fourth album today, and already fans have dissected to find a number of hidden messages within the the video.

Fans were first quick to point out that the video takes place in a world where Ari can defy gravity, which is a subtle hint that she’s in a very different place these days than when we last saw her.

Another notable moment in the video comes when Ari takes off her face, literally, like it’s a mask. Many are speculating that this symbolizes Ari taking off her strong, public image that she put on in the aftermath of the Manchester attack.

And speaking of that mask moment, blink and you’ll miss it, but some fans think the words written on the paper next to her masks actually make up Ari’s track list! (PIC:setlist)

One fan pointed out that the paper clearly says “Track List” at the top, while another Tweeted that it looks like the paper says things like 'God is a Woman', 'Sweetener', 'Breathing', And 'Successful,'”. Another even said they think one of them says “Featuring Pharrell”. I’m really glad that some Arianators have laser vision, because this was one hidden gem we would NOT wanna miss.

Another VERY subtle hidden message one fan pointed out, is a nod to her music video for debut from 2011, “Put Your Hearts Up”, where she danced in a beautiful dress with a black umbrella.
She also dances in a beautiful dress with a black umbrella in the “No Tears” video, but it quickly blows away from her, so perhaps this is HER way of saying, “The old Ari can’t come to the umbrella right now...why? Oh, because she’s dead!”

It was also pointed out that while the video starts at night, Ari ends it by singing at the dawn of the day -- which seems to be a subtle reference that this is definitely a new beginning for Ari.

And last but definitely not least, fans noticed a bee in one of the shots of the video, which is Ari’s way of paying tribute to the victims of the Manchester attack.

According to Twitter handle Pop Crave, the bee QUOTE, “The bee was used as a symbol of strength and unity around Manchester, with people getting it tattooed in wake of the Manchester Arena attack last May.”

Alright guys now I wanna know which hidden message surprised you the most, and were there any that we missed? Sound off in the comments, and after that click right over here to see what fans guessed no tears was about. And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button! Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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